Even if you have an indent blankline plugin installed, sometimes pasting will go to the wrong indentation level. To help alleviate this, you can use ]p (before the current line) and [p (after the current line) to paste at the same level as the currently selected line.

So a normal paste behaves like this (even with a blankline plugin):

text text <-- yy
  indented text <-- on this line p
text text <-- result

But using [p and ]p, the indentation is kept at the same level of the currently selected line when the command was issued:

text text <-- yy
  text text <-- result using [p
  indented text <-- on this line [p or ]p
  text text <-- result using ]p

Before discovering this, I would use a custom gp keybind to reselect last pasted text and then hit = once the text was selected to reindent the incorrectly indented text. By using [p and ]p, I can skip those extra keystrokes.