This site is a collection of vim features or cool little tricks we've come across as we dive deeper and deeper into the wonderful Vim editor. It's a collaborative effort between me (strix), certifiedloud, and muscle-hamster. We're all using neovim at this point but the tips are mostly universal.

Why another vim tips website?

Because the more tips or reminders of tips, the better. The intention of this site is to only be a way of documenting and referencing tips that we come across and it seemed like it could be useful to others.

The previous method we were using for this was to tag messages in telegram along with the tip content with #vimtips. That was good for a while but I found it inconvenient to reference on a daily basis. I was getting sick of forgetting something that I knew I had come across at some point but hadn't yet committed to memory or my regular workflow.

A lot of these tips are sourced from great (and much better IMO) resources such as @LearnVim and VimTricks. The site isn't meant to "compete" with these sites but to pull from them what is deemed most useful to us specifically.